Three Surefire Ways For Getting In Shape Before The Holidays

Does the thought of Thanksgiving dinner make your waistline expand? Do you know that by the time Christmas comes and goes, you will be a size or 2 heavier than you were in October? Does this cycle repeat itself each year around the holidays with you saying your New Year’s Resolution will be to lose the weight you gained over the last 90 days?

Well, not this year! I have you covered with surefire ways to beat the holiday weight gain this year.

Stay Away From The Sweets
Once Halloween rolls around, there are bags of candy on sale everywhere! I understand that you will be buying candy before October ends if you have kids who Trick-Or-Treat or if you have Trick-Or-Treaters in your neighborhood. Even if the buy-one-get-one bulk bags of your favorite sweets at Publix seems enticing, only buy what you actually need for your kids or neighborhood Trick-Or-Treaters this year. If you always seem to have extra, buy one less bag so it all gets handed out that night. When you don’t have it in your house, the temptation won’t be there to pick at it.

Start Exercising NOW
Waiting until the New Year to start a healthy eating and exercise plan will not serve you throughout the holidays. It’s best to start exercising sooner rather than later to beat the holiday weight gain and to simply be healthier before Christmas. Imagine how good you will look and feel when you can fit into that dress you wanted to wear to last year’s holiday party? Or how much more energy you will have to keep up with the holiday events and gatherings. Let’s get you started on a workout plan today!

Make A Plan And Stick To It
Do you tend to say you’re going to workout but can’t seem to find time to hit the gym? Do you want to meal prep so you stop buying junk on the way home but don’t know where to start? Does your exercise routine move to the wayside when you get busy? This is where an I can help you reach your goals. I will come up with a plan for you that works for your lifestyle. Having set days to workout and setting aside that time is a great first step to avoid the holiday gain.

Getting back into shape and/or vowing to lose weight after the holidays is great but this year we can kick-start your fitness goals before the holidays. What do you do to stay healthy and fit around (or before) the holidays? Contact me at Train With Nicole to get a plan in place today!

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