It’s the new year, and those new year’s resolutions are in full effect! You’re probably hoping to follow through with your fitness goals this year instead of becoming one of the many people who fall off track by the end of January. But let’s face it, staying motivated and sticking with diet and exercise can be a difficult task. We’ve got some tips to help you set up a fitness plan that you can stick to for the rest of the year!

Write Down Your Goals

The power of the mind and the power of words are great things.  Seeing your goals on paper will make them seem a little more real for you but the way you word your goals can make a big difference in achieving them. If you want to lose 50 pounds this year, try writing that you want to lose five pounds this month. Then, go back and revisit that goal and mark it off or update it. You can even write things that aren’t so focused on the scale- like saying you want to fit into those skinny jeans or you want to be able to run 2 miles in 15 minutes. It’s up to you!

Make Small Changes to Start

Or even just make one or two changes to your lifestyle when beginning your journey to better health. Trying to overhaul your whole lifestyle in a day with a hundred different changes is only going to make you feel overwhelmed, burned out and more likely to throw in the towel. Start with things like cutting out soda and committing yourself to a 30 minute walk every day.  Little changes like these will make a difference in the way you feel and will allow you to eventually make more and more positive lifestyle adjustments.

Seek Outside Help

There is absolutely no shame in seeking the advice and guidance of a personal trainer at Train With Nicole. We can help get you on the right track and motivate you. Personal trainers are great when you’re not seeing results at the gym or when you just need someone to push you during your workouts. We’ll be there to celebrate your progress right along with you and be the positive influence you might be looking for.

Make Diet Changes

This probably is one of the most essential parts of leading a healthier lifestyle and keeping up with your fitness goals. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend at the gym if you’re consuming processed food, drinks high in sugar and bad fats in large quantities. Start with cutting down portion sizes and working more whole foods into your diet, like lots of fruits, veggies and whole grain foods. One of the easiest things you can do to improve your nutrition is to replace soda and sugary drinks with water.  Not only will you stay hydrated but you will be improving your health!

Experiment with Your Routine

Everyone’s body is unique and being healthy and fit means different things for all of us. The approach that works for that Instagram fitness model or that shredded guy at the gym might not be the best approach for you. Do your research and try out new things until you find the system that’s right for you. If you’re really struggling with the food side of things, don’t be afraid to seek out the help of a dietician or nutritionist. They’ll work with you to find out exactly what your body needs to be as healthy as possible.

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