7 Fun Ways to Get Some Exercise on Memorial Day Weekend in Orlando

The long Memorial Day weekend means attending pool parties, barbecues and having fun with family and friends while remembering those gave their lives while serving. With all the festivities, it can be easy to forget about keeping active and maintaining fitness goals. That doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole weekend in the gym though! I’ve compiled 7 fun ways to get in some exercise on Memorial Day weekend in Orlando!

Walk Around Disney or Disney Springs
If you’re an Orlando resident, chances are you have annual passes to one or all of the Disney parks and this weekend is the perfect time to take advantage! Walking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get some good exercise, so don’t count it out! It helps to increase heart and lung fitness, improve blood pressure and cholesterol, and eases muscular and joint pain. Most people walk an average of 10-12 miles when they’re visiting one of the four main Disney parks, so make sure you put on your most supportive walking or running shoes. Even if you don’t have an annual pass, you can still go to Disney Springs and walk around.

Walk Around Lake Eola and Have a Picnic
Lake Eola is a beautiful and iconic staple in Downtown Orlando, so don’t miss an opportunity to spend some time there. The sidewalk that circles the lake itself is about 0.9 miles and the park boasts around 23 acres altogether. Lake Eola is the perfect place to bring your family on a picnic, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and various areas around the park while still sneaking in a good cardio workout. Don’t forget about the swan paddle boats, too!

Play Tennis at USTA
Tennis is an awesome sport when it comes to maintaining physical fitness. It increases aerobic capabilities, improves muscle tone and strength, and helps to lower heart rate and blood pressure. The United States Tennis Association (USTA) national campus, located at Lake Nona, is touted as being the “Home of American Tennis.” They offer 100 courts spread across 64 acres of land. If you’re in the mood for a match, you are likely to get in on one. You can see their calendar of events, view available matches and timeslots, as well as register for matches, on their website by clicking here.

Jog on the Beach
Orlando is located in central Florida, but beaches like Cocoa and New Smyrna are only a short drive away. If you’re headed to one of Florida’s beautiful beaches for the holiday weekend, be sure to take advantage of your surroundings. A morning walk or jog on the beach is good for the mind as well as the body and can provide numerous health benefits. Exercising on sand is more difficult due to added resistance but it’s also more effective. The muscles in your feet and legs have to work harder than usual, increasing the number of calories you burn as well as building strength and coordination.

Join the 2019 Memorial Day 1 Mile, 5K & 10K
What’s better than getting active for a cause? This walk is being held in remembrance of those who passed while serving in the armed forces. This race is unique in that it’s a virtual race- meaning you can run, walk or jog from any location you choose. That means you can pick a local park or trail (Lake Eola is a great choice!), the treadmill at your local gym or even a different race for a different cause. You get to run the race at your own pace and time it yourself. All you have to do is report your finishing time to the organization holding the race! There’s a $20 registration fee and 15% of every entry will be donated to Operation Gratitude. You can find more info about the race here.

Dance the Night Away at Orlando Carnival Downtown
Dancing is one of the most fun ways to get in a good work out and most of the time you don’t even notice! Dancing helps promote weight loss, increases metabolism, increases muscle strength and endurance and improves heart and lung health. For 32 years the Orlando Carnival has been held in downtown Orlando and promotes and preserves Caribbean Carnival culture. It’s a Mardi Gras style event showcasing colored costumes, rhythmic music and Caribbean dance. With over 20 musical acts, you’re sure to find some tunes to groove to at this amazing local event.

Hit the Pool Before the BBQ
Let’s face it, Orlando summers are HOT, and you’ll undoubtedly be looking for a way to cool off. One of the best ways to do this is by taking a dip in the pool! Swimming is an awesome and often overlooked workout and provides numerous benefits. When swimming, you need to move your entire body against the resistance of the water providing a total body workout. It’s also great for your body because although your heart rate is up, the impact stress is removed making swimming a great choice for those with limited mobility. It helps to build muscle strength and endurance while improving cardiovascular fitness. Those extra calories burned off before heading to your next barbecue are a bonus too!

Contact me if you need more ideas on easy ways to stay in shape or you need some extra motivation.

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