Many people begin the New Year with gung-ho energy to meet their fitness resolutions, vowing to exercise more, eat better and lose weight. Unfortunately, a third of the people making these resolutions don’t even manage to hit the gym by the end of January. If you’re worried about falling into the same old routine and abandoning your fitness resolutions, I’ve got a few tips to help you stick with them and stay on track.

Be Realistic

You have to be honest with yourself about your goals and a physically fit, healthier you is not going to appear overnight. If you want long-term results, it’s best to make gradual changes. Don’t set a crazy and totally unattainable goal, like losing 30 pounds in a month. Aim for smaller goals like 10-20 pounds over a longer period of time, think a half pound to a pound a week. You’ll be working towards a realistic goal and achieving the weight-loss you desire in a healthy way.

Hire a Personal Trainer

Whether you’re new to fitness or just looking for that extra push, hiring a personal trainer can be the perfect way to achieve your fitness goals and stay on track. A personal trainer considers your current fitness level and discusses what you’re ultimately looking to achieve then creates a pathway to get you there in a realistic and attainable way. They also provide you with instruction and guidance during your workouts, ensuring that you are using proper form and movement during your routine. Personal trainers are also great at providing you with much needed motivation and accountability. Your trainer will be there to celebrate your progress and successes and be able to provide that kick in the butt when you may feel like skipping a session and vegging out on the sofa instead.  Contact me today to get started!

Avoid Fad Diets

There are a million fad diets out there and chances are you’ve tried or considered at least one of them. The truth is, most fad diets spur short-term weight loss but many are extremely difficult to follow with lots of arbitrary rules and a few are even hazardous to your health. Instead of trying to take a shortcut with a too-good-to-be-true diet, stick to whole foods that focus on nutrition and fueling your body like fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains. It’s also important to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Being properly hydrated helps your body function at peak performance level and can also help reduce cravings for sweets!

Change it Up

Fitness and exercise don’t always mean hitting the gym. Go for a walk with your spouse or a friend, take your dog for a run in the park, take a dance class or swim some laps. These are all effective ways to burn calories without having to go to your typical fitness center. You can also do small things throughout the day in addition to your workout to keep active, like walking around during a phone call or doing squats while brushing your teeth.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

No one is perfect and you’re bound to miss a workout here and there or indulge in a slice of cake during a co-worker’s birthday. The important thing to remember is that one bad choice doesn’t mean you’ve blown your whole plan and there are still plenty of opportunities to make healthy choices. Life happens and everyone is allowed to have an off-day. Just recommit yourself, revisit your goals and keep pushing yourself to be a better you.

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